Collective Narative

Week 3: Podcast

For my assignment this week I created a multi narrative podcast.  I interviewed three of my family members and asked them to tell me the same story about how my parents got their marriage license.  I chose this story because it was one that has been repeated in my household growing up.  I think it is interesting how my siblings and I have taken the stories that my parents have shared with us and made them our own.  I wanted to test how the validity of these stories would hold across generations.  Thus I separately interviewed my dad, mom and sister and then compiled the interviews together into one cohesive story.  I really enjoyed making this podcast.  I found it interesting where their stories overlapped and where I found discrepancies.  They all made similar notes of embellishment like the blood on my dad’s white coat and the fact that my dad was so busy he couldn't get a hair cut.  These repetitions in their stories were the most interesting to record.  I can imagine this being a series where family members tell the same story and they stories are compared through edits like I did here.  I think this could be a fascinating way to track story telling across generations. 

To hear the podcast view this link

Song Reference:

Eva Philips