Collective Narative

Week 4: Response

This week I read Chapter 3 of What We Made: Conversations on Art & Social Cooperations by Tom Finkelpearl called “Museum, Education and Cooperation: Memory of Surfaces, Ernesto Pujol, Artist and David Henry, Museum Educator.”  The project explained in this chapter took advantage of the changing environment of museums.  This concept of change in museums reminded me a lot of the change that is happening in school libraries.  More and more, as educational tools have made it online, school libraries are required to change their structure in a similar way.  I have witnessed libraries in middle and elementary schools being redesigned to serve the purpose of STEAM related topics.  In a way librarians today are really STEAM ambassadors for their schools that create a creative/tech outlet for their students.   Both libraries and museums have seen the value of collaborative creative spaces in educational environments and are beginning to modernize their old ways. 

Eva Philips