Collective Narative

Week 2: Location Based Narrative

In response to last weeks field trip I attempted to make my own location based narrative in the form of a visualization.  I have recently been interested in data visualizations and have begun to teach myself d3.js.  I saw an opportunity with this assignment to implement a mapped data visualization to tell a story.  Initially, I wanted to create a website with the map of the neighborhood that I grew up in.  I would then populated key points on that map with stories about my life that happened in locations on the map.  Once I began to play around with d3.js I realized that customizing a detailed street map in d3.js was a little too involved for a first attempt at a mapping data visualization.  Thus, I altered my idea in order to accommodate my beginner d3.js skills.  Ultimately, I decided to use a data set about the Woman’s March in 2017 to show the scale of the event.  Using the data from this wikipedia page I created a csv file with the state names and the approximate number of cities that hosted protests and the approximate number of people in each state that attended the protests.  With d3.js I developed this website (Figure 1).  The size of each circle represents the amount of protests that occurred in that state.

Figure 1

Figure 1

When you mouse over each circle you are given more information about the protests in that state.  Figure 2 shows a demo of the website.

Figure 2

While I am glad that I used this opportunity to use some d3.js skills I do not think that this narrative is as in depth as it could have been.  I think that I let the technical side of this project get in the way of the actual meaning.  Since the technical side took so long to decipher by the time I incorporated data to tell the story, I was burnt out.  In the future I would really like to go back to the idea of the narrative about my life.  I see how that could be a fun way to show people stories about how I am and where I came from.  I even think it could be something like to embed into the “About Me” section of my website. 

For the project files go to this link.








Eva Philips