Data Art

Week 2&3: 100 Days of Making Visualizations

Over the past year I have completed two 100 days projects where I iterate on a project every day for 100 days and post proof to social media. For this assignment I decided to take a deep dive into the data behind these 100 days and try to learn something new about my emotional journey through these 100 days. First I downloaded data from instagram about my posts. This included the likes, views, comments, and time I posted each day. During my first 100 days I also used a time tracking app to track how long I spent making each day. Although I only tracked a few days overall, I included this day in my collection. This code shows the file I created to parse all of the data. Ultimately I build two visualizations for each project.

100 Days of Generative Patterns:

100 Days of Analog Food Porn:

Eva Philips