Intro to Physical Computing

Week 4: Servo & Tone Labs

This week I completed the servo and tone physical computing labs.  The following images show the resulting circuits…

Figure 1: Servo motor controlled by a force sensor

Figure 2: Piezo speaker with frequency control via light sensors

The following images represent other applications that I developed that use servo motors and speakers.  Figure 3 shows a project I worked on last year that uses a moisture sensor to control the watering of a plant.  If the sensor detects dry soil, the motor will turn and water the plant.  In addition, this project used wifi communication between the motor and the sensor, so there were no hard wired connections between the input and outputs of the project.

Figure 3: Servo motor watering system

After completing the tone lab I designed a new project represented in Figure 4.  Here I used a potentiometer to control the tone duration.  Each button controlled a different note, so when it was pressed the note would sound and when it was released, the note would turn off.

Figure 4: Tone project with potentiometer and buttons

Figure 5 shows the code associated with this tone project. 

Figure 5 : Tone project code

Figure 5: Tone project code

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