Intro to Physical Computing

Week 8: Final Project Brainstorm Concepts

For my final project, I have come up with a few general concepts.  While I am not yet set on one particular idea, here are the outlines of two of my favorite ideas from my brainstorm session.

I am dyslexic, and feel that many people misunderstand what it means to be dyslexic.  I would love to do some sort of interactive piece where the user is able to step into a dyslexic’s shoes.  Perhaps, the user will have to read a sentence while the project creates a series of obstacles that mimic obstacles that dyslexics actually encounter.  Perhaps the entire experience actually begins with the user physically stepping on outlines of shoes that are labeled dyslexic.  Of course I would need to research misconceptions about dyslexia and about different obstacles people with dyslexia face in order to develop the obstacles that the user should have to encounter. The purpose of the experience would be to educate the user on dyslexia while also have them experience the feelings we dyslexics face every day.  I would love for the experience to be as emotional as it is informative. 

In my fabrication class during the first part of the semester I developed this project. I would love to use this pattern style to create something more meaningful.  The state of politics and the world has created very polarizing relationships between people from similar or varying backgrounds.  My idea is to create a small wall with some sort of pattern like the one I made in fabrication or this one. Two users would be able to stand on either side of the wall.  The project would prompt the user with some carefully curated questions.  As the questions/answers prompt similarities between the two users, the pattern will open up more and more to expose the person on the other side.  This project would explore similarities between two people and try to expose common ground.  As you expose common ground through the answers to the questions, the wall would physically represent the exposure you gain of the other persons beliefs by literally exposing them.  Perhaps, based on the types of questions, the wall can expose different opening patterns in order to represent the area of common ground they discovered. 

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