Intro to Physical Computing

Week 1: Discussing Interactivity

The beginning of Crawford’s The Art of Interactive Design properly summed up the discussion we were having in class regarding the spectrum of interactivity.  In the coming years, while designing at ITP, it will be important to consider the interactions we produce.  We must understand the level of interaction we are asking for and consider its importance.  In his discussion on the power of interactivity, Crawford writes, “interactive communication is superior to conventional, one way communication.”  This statement really stuck with me.  If done right, the projects we produce can insight or make someone feel a way words cannot.  This sentiment makes me excited for what I will create.  Similarly, Bret Victor’s “A Brief Rant on the Future of Interaction Design” made me realize why these interactions can be so meaningful.  Productive interactive and thus good design often involves your body, not just the swipe of your finger.  While designing, Victor says that we must consider human capabilities and use them to our advantage.  Thus, it is simply wrong to think of screen interaction as the “vision of the future.”  I definitely agree with this sentiment.  It seems as though we often see this type of “vision of the future” portrayed in ads, shows, and movies because it is the easy solution.  However, all these interactions are the same.  In fact the designs of the future will use technology to create much more meaningful interactions because they will use different parts of our bodies and create tangible interactions. 

Eva PhilipsComment