Intro to Physical Computing

Week 2: Electronics Labs

This week I followed the initial ITP physical computing labs to get reacquainted with my Arduino and electronics.  I have worked with an Arduino before and built projects that incorporated some medium level circuits. Therefore, most of these electronics labs were review.  In the past, I have mainly used the multimeter to measure voltage so the way these labs used the multimeter was new.  I can see how the multimeter can be used as a much more powerful tool in the future.   

The following images highlight the circuits I made in the lab this week…

Figure 1  A simple circuit to light up an LED

Figure 1 A simple circuit to light up an LED

Figure 2 A simple circuit with a button switch to light up an LED

Figure 3  LED circuit in series

Figure 3 LED circuit in series

Figure 5 LED circuit with potentiometer

Figure 6 LED circuit with switches in parallel

Once I completed the labs I made this felt fish with a switch and LED circuit (Figure 7).

Figure 7 : Felt Fish

Figure 7: Felt Fish

I punctured an LED through the felt eye on the fish.  I then created a switch circuit similar to the one seen in Figure 2.  Here however, I used a conductive metal snap to make the switch (Figure 8).  This way when the fin is up the switch is open and the light is off.  When the snap is closed, the switch is closed and the LED turns on. 

Figure 8 : Snap on the fish

Figure 8: Snap on the fish

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