Intro to Physical Computing

Week 3: Digital & Analog Input/Output Labs

This week I completed the Digital Input/Output lab in addition to the Analog Input lab.  The following images show the resulting circuits.

Figure 1: Digital Input Button

Figure 2: Digital Input/Output

Figure 3: Analog Input/Output

After completing these labs, I designed a circuit that would help someone determine if they were pressing hard enough while taking a pulse.  Figure 4 shows the set up.  As the user pressed on the wrist, the colored LEDs would light up.  If the user was pressing hard enough, the red LED would turn on.  If the user was pressing to lightly, the other LEDs would turn on based on the level of pressure. Figure 5 shows a video of the circuit. 

Figure 4 : Pulse Testing Circuit

Figure 4: Pulse Testing Circuit

Figure 5: Pulse Testing Video

Eva Philips