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Week 5: Midterm Project Idea

While other print based media struggle to find their place in the digital world, Conde Nast’s Bon Appetit magazine has surged in the past year.  Bon Appetit has found a unique way to use Youtube and social media to build its readership. Fans of the Bon Appetit Youtube channel have become more and more invested in the brand, the people, and the recipes Bon Appetit has to offer.  Often people anxiously wait for new episodes to come out and watch them as soon as they are posted to Youtube.  The Bon Appetit reddit channel is very active with comments and images of the recipes people have tried from the videos.  

For my midterm project I would like to create some sort of website for these very active followers to communicate about Bon Appetit.  I am still brainstorming what features I would like to highlight on this website.  However, I would like there to be some live element of the website so that Bon Appetit fans can meet each other and connect in some way.  Perhaps the site could even help Bon Appetit connect with these fans.  

Eva Philips