Live Web

Week 1: Self Portrait

This week I experimented with javascript and the html <video> tag by created a small interactive website.  This website has a few hidden elements for the user to discover.  If you mouse over the word “my” in the title, the word gets replaced by my name.  If you mouse over each of the video elements on the page various things happen.  Mousing over the first video makes all three videos play.  Each video plays at a slower speed than the previous one.  Mousing over the second video blurs all three videos to varying degrees.  Mousing over the final video changes the shape of the video container for all three videos.  To play with this website explore Figure 1.

Figure 1

This week I also explored various live/interactive platforms and came across this example that happened a few years ago on a subreddit called r/place.  On April 1, 2017 Reddit created a blank canvas.  Users were asked to submit a color to any one pixel on the canvas.  The only limit was that users could only submit a pixel every 5 minutes.  The project proved to be a fascinating social experiment were people ended up working together to coordinate images on the canvas.  This video further describes this project and the results that came out of it over the 72 hours it was live on the internet. What I find most fascinating about this experiment is that the people involved changed their behavior over time.  What at first was a canvas for individuals to experiment on, turned into a collective live experiment for large groups to work together. I also think that the time limit of this experiment was important.  Since the website was only live for 72 hours, it created an end goal for people to strive towards.  Everyone wanted to get their image on the final frame of the canvas.

Eva Philips