Machine Learning for the Web

Week 1: Bedtime Routine Image Classifier

This week I experimented with the ml5.js MobelNet image classifier example.  Using this pre-trained model I made a bedtime checklist website.  When you scan items on the checklist, the items are marked green (Figure 1). 

I see a possibility to make this into a real app or website.  Before going to bed the user would scan all the items in their list that prove that they completed certain bedtime routine tasks.  In order for this application to work better, it might be useful to add both a pre-trained model and an opportunity for the user to add addition training to that model for their own use case.  For instance the pre-train model may have many images of toothbrushes that help the model detect the toothbrush.  Then the user should be able to add images of their own toothbrush in the lighting and area in their own bathroom.  This way the model would be even more accurate for individual users. 


Click here to see the code

Click here to test the example

Eva Philips