Machine Learning for the Web

Week 3: Mood Agent

For this weeks assignment I used an audio input to make a very simple game.  The program contains a single ball (“agent”) that falls according to gravity.  The object of the game is to not let the agent fall to the bottom of the canvas.  When the program detects that the word “happy” was said, an upward force is applied to the agent.  To prevent the ball from falling, the user must say happy to push the ball up and keep it afloat.  Figure 1 shows an example of the game being played.

The motivation for the game was to improve the mood of users.  It is often said that if you smile you start to feel happier, or if you say positive things you mood improves.  Thus, by saying happy to keep the agent afloat, the game will hopefully improve the users mood.  Of course this is just an initial step to a large project regarding mood discovery.  In the future I would like to add more behaviors to the sketch based on different words that are detected.  If negative things are said the agent will be negatively effected, if positive things are said the agent will be positively effected. 

Eva Philips