Mobile Lab

Week 10: Final Project Progress

This week I focused on getting the API set up for  my application and verifying that I could make the proper API requests with swift.  Using javaScript I created an API structure that uses basic authentication and mongoose.  I hosted the site on Heroku at this url.  The API documents can be found at this url (however you will need the proper credentials to access this information).  Once this was setup, I built Swift code to test making GET, POST, and DELETE requests.  Figure 1 shows a small app I made to test out these requests with my API.  This program uses the Alamofire and SwiftyJSON cocoapods. 

After I verified that the backend part of my application was working I turned my focus to the app UI.  I began by building the UI/UX design in Adobe Xd.  Figure 2 shows the interaction for when the user wants to start a work session.  I plan to continue building out these app flows focusing on micro interactions that will make the app smooth and cohesive.  Next, I will begin to build the app with Swift as I simultaneously narrow down the UI/UX design. 

Eva Philips