Mobile Lab

Week 9: Non-Visual Interfaces

After developing my final project idea, I used this weeks assignment to brainstorm a concept for the project.  I created an app that detects the sound level in the room around you.  The idea is that you would open the app when you start a work session.  The app would detect the sound level in the room around you.  When the sound gets too loud the app warns you that it is getting too loud and you might want to consider changing work locations (Figure 1).

I tried to integrate a haptic feature when the sound level gets too high.  This way the phone would vibrate and indicate to the user that this work spot is too loud to work productively.  Unfortunately I could not get this vibration feature to activate at this stage.  Ultimately I think this weeks assignment was a good experiment for my final project.

Link to code 

To view my final project proposal visit this link.

Eva Philips