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Week 12: Final Project Progress

This week I began by adding a user interaction to the example I made last week (Figure 1).  The user can make their own custom map by selecting a tile.  When they are ready to submit their map they can train and run the agent through this map space. 

After this test I began to move the code to a more user friendly webpage.  The webpage was build to prepare for user testing.  Figure 2 shows the user interaction.  The user can choose from two menu options.  If they choose to make their own custom map they will build guided to build and train a custom map.  If they choose to use a data map they can select a data set about my gym habits.  This data will translate into a map that the agent can be trained on.

In the future I plan to add more data sets.  After user testing I plane to get feedback on the different approaches I am taking and perhaps see how the design can be improved.   


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