Quantified Humanist

Week 2: Dear Data

This week for my assignment I tracked all of the drinks I consumed from Tuesday through Sunday.  I made sure to note the beverage, the size, the time and any other notable additions.  In the end I drew a postcard inspired by the dear data project which visualized the data I collected (Figure 1).  The legend on the back of the card explains how the data is visualized.

I really enjoyed this exercise.  Throughout the week I kept an excel document on the home screen of my phone to easily add data points to it an any time throughout the day.  It is interesting to see how much coffee I have in comparison to my water intake.  I also really enjoyed the analog form of this assignment.  It forced me to really sit down and take my time to think about how I would organize the data I collected in a meaningful way that would encompass the complete data set.  It was interesting how quickly tracking something can become habit.  Even though I am done collecting data, I keep reaching for my phone every time I grab a drink in order to log it.  

Eva Philips