Quantified Humanist

Week 3: Work Productivity Data/Visualization

This week I worked through this guide to build a database and website to record and visualize my work session productivity.  I am interested in what factors contribute to how much I get done and how I feel about the work session afterwards.  This project seemed like a great opportunity to begin thinking about this data and how I would collect/display the information.  In the end, this week I spent more time working through the technical side of this project than the visuals/the questions.  The visuals are definitely something I would like to think more about in the future.  The following description explains the simple visual encodings that I used….

The top of each canvas has the date and the subject (what the user was working on during that work session).  Then the background color changes on a scale from green to red based on the users stress level (red for high stress, green for low stress).  The main circle is supposed to represent a focus point.  The position of the circle changes based on where the user is working (top left - other, top right - coffee shop, bottom left - ITP, bottom right - home).  The radius of that inner circle changes based on the productivity level.  If the user was really focused with a high productivity the radius would be small (representing a narrow focus), if the user was not focused with a low productivity the radius would be large (representing a more fluid focus).  If the goal of the work session was completed this circle would be solid black, if the goal was not fully completed the circle would have some alpha.  Lastly, if the user had company while working a halo behind the main circle would appear, representing potential distraction.  The halo would not appear if there was no one with them. 

Of course the most pressing changes that need to be made to this are the visuals.  I like the idea of representing focus and productivity with blurred and clear circles, but I would need to think more on how to better plan this visual.

The website can be found here. The code repo can be found here

Eva Philips