Quantified Humanist

Week 4: Client & Server Side Interactions

This week I experimented with using and building client and server side interactions.  First I used this workshop as a guide to setup and build my own API and connect it to a frontend interface.  This process taught me how to build a backend API and how to use the CRUD (create, read, update, delete) protocol to change and update that API.  I really enjoyed walking though this workshop and am excited to implement API’s into my future projects. 

Next, I downloaded this project from GitHub and practiced using a simple API interface using this data selfie app.  Each day this past week I opened this project and logged an image of myself.  Despite it being an unusually hectic week, I did not find this type of routine to be challenging to sustain.  I decided to add a reminder into the reminders app that I already use.  This reminder went off once a day in the morning to remind me to log an image of myself.  When the reminder went off and I was not able to access my computer I would usually snooze the reminder for an hour or so.  Since this is something that I do with other to dos, it was easy for me to implement.  I did find it a bit frustrating that I would need to take my computer out to do this task.  Had it been an app on my phone I would have stopped what I was doing to quickly take a photo so that I would not have to snooze the reminder. Overall, implementing small routines like this one is quite easy with the reminder and organization systems I currently have setup.  

Eva Philips