Quantified Humanist

Week 9: Final Project Progress

This week I focused on preparing the back end of my application so that I can begin to build the mobile application in Swift for my Mobile Lab class.  First I built a UI template document to highlight the main flow of the application (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Figure 1

This image shows the general flow of the application without the consideration of design.  I first wanted to get the basic flow documented so that I could begin building the app.  The design and app animations will be implemented later.  I also built and deployed the api for this application using Heroku.  The api is set up to accept get, post, put, and delete requests as demonstrated in Figure 2.

Now that this api is setup I will move to my Swift file and set up my application to make these requests.  In the coming week I also plan to focus on the design of the application to make sure it is simple, clean and easy to use. 

Eva Philips